W e l c o m e

Growing up just outside of the Washington, DC area, just a bit further south and closer to the Maryland/Virginia border, my mother, grandfather and uncle drank Folgers every day, sometimes with half and half, sometimes with creamer, always with sugar. And to this day, I still don’t mind drinking it. I know that no bonafide coffee lover (or shop owner) should admit to that, but if I’m being honest, I don’t think I am a coffee connoisseur in any sense of the word. I love coffee, but I have always loved the experiences that coffee has been a part of more than the nuances of its flavor profile…

I always loved getting up early with my mother, when everyone else was still asleep, and it was just the two of us chatting and drinking coffee. Or the half full cups left on the counter after rushing out the door. Or how it brings people around a table, and holding that warm cup makes them want to talk, or read, or just sit and be quiet. I have always loved that about coffee, tea, pies, cakes… while I know it can be formal, the way we grew up was east coast, with a hint of southern, and always informal, usually barefoot. We like our coffee with cream and sugar, our tea sweet, and to eat pies or cakes with the whole family around the table and a jar of forks.

I did a lot of traveling at a young age, and while each place offered new and amazing experiences with coffee and tea shops, bakeries and cafes, every time I came home to my mother’s baking and the comforts of friends and family around that kitchen table, I was truly happy.

Portland has no shortage of remarkable bakeries, cafes and coffee shops, and so I long wondered what exactly our niche would be – what experience could we offer that would be different. The thing I hoped we could create that would be different was what I had felt at home growing up… happiness with the company I keep, comfort with my food, a drink in hand, and a place I love. It was our own homestyle way of doing things. And so our niche as a bakery, cafe and coffee shop became homestyle.

So while you’re here, or maybe at home enjoying some of our baked goods or a warm drink, be sure to do so knowing every bit of what you’re eating was baked with love by my mother in our bakery, or crafted with care by a team that knows how much I love to make our customers feel at home. Relax knowing we want you to enjoy your experience as much as we love your company.

Thanks for visiting, and we’ll see you soon,