Our cakes and cupcakes are to made to order with love


November 19th - December 4th
December 10th - December 29th

A few things to note-

  • Orders must be picked up at our café in Kenton

  • We require a 50% deposit (or payment up front) for each order

  • Deposits are refundable 3 days in advance

  • Any changes in your order (cancellations, additions, omissions, flavor changes) must be made 5 days in advance

  • We do not do fondant work, licensed character cakes, or tiered wedding cakes.

Mom & her team of bakers have perfected these recipes with love and we think that you are going to LOVE them too.

  • Vanilla: Our rich, creamy old-fashioned vanilla cake

  • Chocolate*: A rich, moist cake with a velvet texture

  • Red Velvet: Deliciously decadent, and velvety smooth

  • Carrot*: Freshly grated carrots, coconut, and pineapple. It’

  • Pistachio: Light and fluffy cake, whipped cream frosting and pistachios

  • Unicorn Cake*: Our classic vanilla cake, but, with rainbow sprinkles inside!

A * next to the flavor indicates that it can be made gluten-free - 20% extra will be added to total cost of your cake.
Please add a note at the bottom of your order form if you’d like it to be gluten-free.

Though we love vegans, we are not a vegan or dairy-free bakery - our cakes cannot be made vegan or dairy-free.


  • Bite-sized cupcake $15/dozen

  • Regular cupcake $36/dozen

  • 2 layer 8” cake $30 (serves 6-8)

  • 3 Layer 8″ cake $40 (serves 8-10)

  • 2 Layer 10″ cake $50 (serves 10-15)

  • 3 Layer 10″ cake $60 (serves 15-18)

  • 2 Layer quarter sheet cake $80 (serves 20-25)

  • 2 Layer half sheet cake $120 (serves 40-60)

We do three types - classic (cake + icing), swirled icing edges, or naked cakes (frosting is scraped from sides and mostly just covers the top). We can also do an inscription for an additional charge of $4.00.

All cakes will be on a wrapped board and in a box. We cannot provide stands or plates.

All right, we think that covers it! Are you ready to order? Please feel free to call us @ 503-289-1319 with any questions!

Date (we require at least 5 days notice) *WE ARE BOOKED 7/13-8/3 + 9/28* *
Date (we require at least 5 days notice) *WE ARE BOOKED 7/13-8/3 + 9/28*
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